Consumer Reports claims driverless Tesla cars are safe

Engineers of Influential U.S. magazine Consumer Reports said on Thursday that they were able to operate a Tesla Inc vehicle without anyone in the driver’s seat.

The engineers noted, however, that the system failed to send out a warning or indicate that the driver’s seat was empty.

The engineers tested Tesla Model Y this week as investigators probe an accident where two men died after their Tesla Model S, which was believed to be operating without anyone in the driver’s seat, crashed into a tree on Saturday night north of Houston.

Over several trips across half-mile closed test track, the Model Y automatically steered along painted lane lines, the magazine said.

The report also comes amid growing scrutiny over Tesla’s semi-automated driving system following recent accidents and as it is preparing to launch its updated “full self-driving” software to more customers.

Tesla’s Autopilot is a driver assistance system that handles some driving tasks and allows drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel at times, but Tesla says its features “require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous.”