The Major Advantages Of Employee Self-Service Software

Employee self-service systems are not something new. This being said, they are a highly desirable HR function, for both employees and employers. A study has shown that around 73% of employees in the US want access to a self-service HR tool. In many industries, consumers have been shown to prefer performing certain tasks themselves, such as online banking, and self-service checkout at the supermarket. The workplace shouldn’t be different.

With employee self-service, they have access to their work information and can request time off, track work time and attendance, complete or update personal information, and access personal records and relevant company resources.

Keep reading for more information on why you should have employee self-service software in the workplace.

What is employee self-service?

Let us establish what exactly employee self-service is. Employee self-service, or ESS, helps companies work efficiently and save valuable working time. The professionals at say that “businesses face challenges disproportionate to their size and resources” which is why ESS is so important for small and medium-sized businesses. It also increases data accuracy and allows employees to take some administrative matters into their own hands.

The acknowledgment of the need for a digital workplace has increased among HR departments, however, many companies still rely on Excel spreadsheets, and even paper files to perform HR tasks. Digital solutions such as ESS help companies save valuable working time in the right areas, ensure that data is up-to-date, create transparency, and increases employee satisfaction.

Benefits of an employee self-service system

Research has shown that HR departments are still spending close to 60% of their time and resources on transactional and operational HR tasks. An ESS portal helps reduce the amount of time HR admin waste on unnecessary tasks.

1. Ensure employee records are up to date

An ESS system helps managers and the HR department to get paperwork under control and accurate by allowing employees to edit their personal information.

2. Manage time off with ease

With an ESS, you won’t need to chase down requested dates on emails with your employees who are still stuck filling out forms or sending emails to book time off. From the moment an employee submits something like a leave request until a decision is made, all the parties concerned will be informed through email alerts during the process. Records of time off are automatically updated and accessible to the corresponding people.

3. Make your HR department more efficient

Administrative activities take up an average of 60% of the work HR departments do. ESS allows for the possibility to reduce this workload by 40%. If the workload in the HR department can be reduced by delegating administrative tasks, then HR will be able to spend more time on key issues and ensure the long-term success of a business as well as the satisfaction of its employees. 3 out of 4 HR professionals consider the use of ESS human resources technology as critical for future success within the workplace.

4. Make your employees happier

Most employees want easier ways to handle routine tasks. ESS fulfills this need by allowing employees to take matters such as annual leave planning, time tracking, or updating personal information on their own hands. Employees no longer have to go through a heap of paperwork and/or people to enquire about their personal information. They can easily find the answers to their questions with a few clicks thanks to the ESS, allowing them to make better use of their working time.

5. Get rid of redundant questions

Questions around the approval of leave and holiday time will all be out of the way with the use of ESS. If employees can access all of their information directly on the employee self-service portal there is no need for unnecessary and time-consuming back and forward emails.

6. Accurate time tracking and payroll

Back in the good ol’ days, people spent far too much time agonizing over incomplete timesheets or employees who forget to clock in and out? Self-service time and attendance software allow employees to complete their timesheets and updates their balances as soon as they are reminded. Complete and accurate timesheets prevent payroll mistakes, streamlining the process.

7. Avoid wasting time fixing mistakes

Paper-based processes and cluttered inboxes make fixing mistakes a time-consuming task. A single central platform makes changes a quick and efficient task and will save you time by avoiding the need to go back and forth reprinting documents and recalling emails that need to be amended.

8. Access data anytime, from anywhere

Whether you are working remotely, at odd times, or in another office location, ESS enables employees to access what is needed at any time, any place, and on any device.

9. Decreased costs and office supplies savings

Administrative costs should not be underestimated. It becomes costly to process leave or prints out employee records forms, leave requests, or timesheets. You are able to reduce paper usage and costs by allowing employees to access their documents online. By replacing paper documents, you are also reducing your environmental impact.

ESS allows companies to take big steps towards digitizing employee files and relieves both managers and employees of time-consuming documentation. The benefits of ESS are numerous and really help businesses grow.



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