6 Amazing Reasons That Will Compel You To Hire A Private Jet For Your Travel Needs

After the COVID-19 impact early in 2020, people now want to travel safely more than ever. Today, thousands of people rely on planes to move them between different destinations. Air travel is the fastest and most efficient mode of long-distance transportation. Often, flying commercial comes with its challenges. This is where flying private comes in. Flying privately has its advantages, and most people don’t know what they are. Charter flights offer excellent privacy and comfort. They’re also open to a wide range of destinations: most can access ten times more airports than commercial flights. Private flying isn’t only for the rich. You, too, can cruise the skies in comfort. Here are six reasons you need to try a private jet charter for your next trip.

1.   You Get to Choose Your Aircraft

Flying private offers a range of aircraft than traditional flights. With private flights, you have the option of contracting a flight 24/7. This also includes the wee hours of the night if an airport is available. If you have a busy schedule, the team at https://bitluxtravel.com/ says working with an all-available company is essential. Flying privately means you don’t need to search the flights with time. With 24/7 availability, it makes your booking easy. If you’re a business person who travels a lot, this convenience is all you need. You avoid the stress that comes with the booking process or inflation of flight prices.

2.   You Can Travel to Smaller Airports

Flying commercials means you’re limited to the destinations they have. This explains why commercial flying has few destinations. While they can fly you to any city, their airport can be a drive away from the location you need to drive to. The truth is: there may be a smaller airport closer, but they can’t accommodate large aircraft. Your arrival options are limited because of the size of the plane. However, this isn’t an issue when flying privately. Their aircraft are versatile, meaning any airport can accommodate their size.

3.   Privacy

If you book a private charter jet, you can travel with anyone – even your pets! “With private flying, you get to tag anyone you want. I have flown with five dogs, six cats, and even parrots,” says Scott Sullivan, CEO of Shy Aviation, a global private jet company. “On a private jet, you get to enjoy the privacy of your own cabin. This is different from commercial flights where you may have to sit beside a nagging traveler. As a passenger, you get to choose how you utilize privacy. Typically, you can even hold meetings,” explains Sullivan.

4.   Time

Time flies, and so should you. Time-saving is something private jet companies and operators take seriously. Depending on your schedule, you can have your aircraft ready in a few hours. You get to arrive at the airport a few minutes before your scheduled departure time. Additionally, you’ll fly to your destination with no layovers and make productive use of your time onboard. All this offers savings in time, finances, and productivity. In productivity – the time savings provide more productive time, both onboard and before and after your flight. You can make the most of your travel time to talk business or work with your colleagues.

5.   Best Sleeping Amenities

If you travel regularly, you likely hate the prospect of sleeping on an aircraft. You’re upright and numb, no privacy, and there’s always a kid who is ever making noise. All of this change when you hire a private jet. When flying privately, you have the option to recline in a comfortable seat. Some airlines also offer to have a bed on board, though this comes at a fee. A private jet provider will walk you through the best logical recommendations for your charter flight. With all this, one thing’s for sure – you’ll get a good night’s rest.

6.   Flexibility in Luggage Weight

Most commercial flights limit your luggage. This means you can’t always bring some of your essentials with you. In a private jet, you have more freedom to bring the luggage you need. The restrictions are less than in commercial flights. Also, the children can enjoy their leisure activities on board. If you love animals, you don’t have to leave them during your vacation. You can bring them with you on board. However, their weight shouldn’t exceed 15 kilos.

Now more than ever, you need to travel safely – especially when the pandemic is still within us. Safety is what you get when you fly privately. There’s more comfort and privacy when flying privately. With a private jet charter, you get to make the rules. You get the convenience you want without having to deal with commercial airlines. Over to you!

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