Mobile Gaming Market Competitive Research And Precise Outlook 2021

With mobile technologies like 5G continuing to influence the industry, the mobile gaming industry is projected to witness substantial growth over the next five years. This growth is also attributable to the projected shift of gamers from pre-installed computer games and consoles in favor of tablets and smartphones. Online games through mobile apps like the Betway app are also expected to gain popularity at the expense of online computer games. 

The rise of tablets and smartphones has made it easier to access the internet, thereby creating a huge opportunity for game and app developers in the market. In 2021, mobile games and app developers follow the basic revenue model of earning through game sales, in-app purchases, and ads. However, the players’ low monetization rate will be a significant problem for mobile game developers over the next five years. That’s because only a small fraction of gamers will be willing to pay for the games’ full-versions.

The mobile game industry can be divided based on the operating system and devices. Based on the devices, you bifurcate the market into tablets and smartphones. The mobile games are developed to be compatible with three major OS platforms – Android, Windows, and iOS. However, Android devices are the most common based on the number of game downloads. Nonetheless, iOS game downloads are expected to bring in more revenue compared to the others because of the paid nature of games and apps on these devices. 

In 2021, online casino gaming through mobile applications such as the Betway app is expected to grow by 19% as more players learn about mobile gambling platforms. This growth in gambling enthusiasts will be lucrative for operators, thanks to the passionate and enthusiastic gaming approach. These consumers are looking for the entertainment value of the games over return on their investments. Most gamers in this segment are economically sound, and playing mobile games is a way to have fun and relieve stress.

Based on the monetization rate of online mobile games, Brazil, Mexico, and the US are expected to grow as lucrative markets by 2023. The Asia Pacific region will also witness a surge in gamers’ number, alongside the Middle East and Europe markets.  

Mobile Game Industry Statistics

2020 was a year of significant progress in mobile app marketing, giving rise to several trends continuing in 2021. With the effect of the social distancing health measure, there are more people interested in gaming. This massive turnout accounted for $77.2 billion of gaming revenue in 2020, and there is no sign of this upward trend slowing down in 2021. 

The mobile gaming industry reported a 12% growth in the number of players in 2020 compared to 2019, with over 2 billion players worldwide. The number of players is still growing in 2021, considering that 64% of people install a mobile game on their smartphone within the first week of owning it. 79% of these gamers use android devices, with 58% of them enjoying puzzle games.


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