Top Moving Stocks for Monday 15/03/2021

Top moving stocks

Stocks of Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Inc $ZYNE rose 49.26%, Shaw Communications Inc $SJR increased 41.33% while GenMark Diagnostics Inc $GNMK grew 29.62% among other stocks making the headlines. We have highlighted below some of the reasons for the price movements.

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Inc $ZYNE
Shares of $ZYNE traded within their normal range in Monday’s session. The stock share price went up 49.26% from its starting price of $4.78 to close at $7.03 per share.

Shaw Communications Inc $SJR
$SJR shares traded higher after the company announced it would be acquired by Rogers Communications in a CAD $26 billion deal. It grew 41.33%. The stock had previously closed around $19.17 to begin Monday at $27.80 and closed at $27.10 per share price.

GenMark Diagnostics Inc $GNMK
Genmark Diagnostics shares increased 29.62% after the company announced it would be acquired by Roche for $24.05 per share. It had previously closed at $18.50, started Monday at $23.85 to close at $23.98 per share price.

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc $AMC
$AMC Entertainment shares rose 25.81% following the company’s announcement that it plans to open nearly all of its California AMC locations on March 19th. The stock price opened at $12.19 to close at $14.04.