Best Screen Recorder just for you

Although there are many screen recording programs, most of them are too complicated to use. All of us want to find the best screen recorders to record easily. Which one is the best? It is worth it to try IObit Screen Recorder, which is free, simple, and easy-to-use with a light built-in video editor. It is a screen recorder for Windows designed by IObit that allows you to record all the activities from your computer screen.

It supports the recording of audio and sounds from the microphone and speaker of your computer to add it to the recorded video. Thus, it is ideal screen recording software to record lectures, presentations, and other online web lectures.

IObit screen recorder also comes with a private video space functionality that helps to keep your videos safe from unauthorized access.

You can change the format of screen recordings to a more compatible version and view them on all your smart devices.

IObit Screen Recorder lets you to easily capture any selected region to record high-quality videos ( 4K supported ). It also supports recording audio from your microphone and speaker into your video simultaneously.

Mouse click effects can be added by highlighting the cursor and adding animation to the click action. IObit screen recorder also let you take screenshots while recording.

As an IObit screen recorder user, you enjoy a no record time limitation feature that lets you record clean videos as long as you like.

Meanwhile, despite being a free online screen recorder, IObit also has a basic video editor to trim, cut, and split the captured videos. Even though it is a light screen recorder, it also adopts GPU hardware acceleration technology to make video recording and editing more efficient and stable.

IObit Screen Recorder also allows you to directly share your videos to a number of online video platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch.

With the IObit screen recorder, You can write your feedback to the developer to fix any bugs or get more new features in the upcoming update and the quick-sharing feature comes in handy in posting your screen recordings on various social media handles.

It is the best choice for streamers who want to record their live gameplay and post it on their social media accounts.

To use IObit Screen Recorder, double click on the icon to access the screen recorder, choose the region of the screen to record, capture the sound of speaker and mic, select saving directory, select format and size of the video, select the audio format and quality, tap on the record button to start capturing screen, save the video, upload it, and it is as simple as that.

In case you are trying to bypass many restrictions placed on-screen recording by several apps and online video platforms, IObit is the tool to give the freedom to record contents without getting banned or restrictions. See below major platforms that IObit gives you unfettered access to:

  • Snapchat: It still notifies users when you screen record privately messaged snaps, but third-party app such as IObit can bypass this.
  • OnlyFans: It doesn’t alert when you screenshot or screen record a video.
  • Instagram: It doesn’t detect, but if you take a screenshot from someone’s dm picture, it will notify them. A third-party tool such as IObit can bypass this.
  • Zoom: If you record with the zoom app, it will alert the host and probably everyone else in the room. If you use IObit, it doesn’t alert anyone.

Recording content online and keeping them for records or knowledge purposes has never been easier with IObit.