Top Moving Stocks for Tuesday 09/03/2021

Top moving stocks

Stocks of Washington Prime Group $WPG rose 86.26%, Canaan Inc $CAN increase by 50.45% while Riot Blockchain Inc $RIOT grew 33.18% among other stocks making the headlines. We have highlighted below some of the reasons for the price movements.

Washington Prime Group $WPG
WPG stock gained more than 86% after a tweet claiming that “Mall Owner Washington Prime is said to revoke Bankruptcy Filing,” which seemingly appears to be from a Bloomberg story. The stock increased from its $1.81 opening price to close at $3.39 per share.

Canaan Inc $CAN
Provider of semiconductor solutions, Canaan increased 50.45% in its share price following the continued surge in the price of Bitcoin. The stock opened trading at $21.68 to close at $28.69 per share price.

Riot Blockchain Inc $RIOT
Shares of crypto-related stocks traded higher as Bitcoin price continues to surge. RIOT grew 33.81% in Tuesday’s trading session from its opening price of $44.12 to close at $52.16 per share price. The stock had close Monday at $38.98

Bit Digital Inc $BTBT
BTBT shares rose $30.54% on the backdrop of the increasing price of Bitcoin. The stock started trading at $13.45 to close at $15.90. BTBT had previously closed at $12.18