Instagram to enable TikTok-like reels on Facebook’s network


Instagram said it will give a small number of creators in India the option to share their short video clips on Facebook Inc.’s main social network as part of a new test.

Facebook is running a trial in India in which users can share Instagram Reels, short video clips with augmented-reality effects, in the news feed of the main blue app.

Separately, Facebook is also renaming its own short form video product “Reels on Facebook.”

The is the latest example of Facebook copying the ideas of smaller rivals like TikTok and Snap Inc. and using the reach of its social network to promote these new services.

India is Facebook’s largest market, and an important one for the company’s growth.

The world’s largest social media company is also integrating products from Instagram as the Federal Trade Commission and other regulators pursue antitrust complaints that seek to unwind Facebook’s acquisitions of Instagram and the WhatsApp messaging service.


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