Top Moving Stocks for Thursday 04/04/2021

Top moving stocks

Stocks of Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc. $FPRX rose 78.74%, Centennial Resource Development Inc $CDEV increased 16.59%, Ring Energy $REI went up 15.74% among other stocks making the headlines. We have highlighted below some of the reasons for the price movements.

Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc. $FPRX
Shares of Five Prime rose 78.74% after the company announced Amgen will acquire the company for $1.9billion. The stock had closed Wednesday at $21.26, started Thursday at $37.95 to close at $38 per share price.

Centennial Resource Development Inc $CDEV
Shares of several energy companies traded higher amid the OPEC+ meeting on supply cuts. Centennial Resources increased 16.59% after opening trading at $4.64 to close at $5.41 per share price.

Ring Energy Inc $REI
Ring Energy shares traded within their normal range but saw an increased 15.74% in share price after opening at $2.18 to close at $2.50 in the day’s session.

Burlington Stores, Inc. $BURL
Shares of Burlington Stores traded 11.19% upwards after the company reported better-than-expected Q4 EPS and sales results. The stock had previously closed around $253 but started Thursday’s session at $280 to close trading at $281.99 per share price.