Starting a Vlog? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Out

As we are living in the digital age with the continuous video revolution, vlogs or video logs are becoming more prominent online. These vlogs are types of blogs that are usually in video format, recorded using a personal camera, and uploaded on platforms like YouTube or Facebook. Vloggers are increasing in number and becoming more influential in different social media platforms as they share their thoughts and experiences with their followers. Since vloggers appear to be more authentic than celebrities, many brands of different products are also acknowledging their influence and started working with them to advertise their products. 

If you are planning to start a vlog, here are some things that you need to know to help you begin your journey and become a successful vlogger.

Know Your Audience

Knowing what your interests are is essential to create topics for your vlog. Once you identify your niche, narrow down the topics and assess who will be your target audience. You should decide on the tone and style of the language you are going to use to connect with your potential viewers. You must also bear in mind the needs of your audience when creating your content and find the best ways to interact with them. Responding to comments or problems of your viewers will help you attract more followers.

Get the Right Vlogging Equipment

To become a successful vlogger, your videos should be of high-quality, so avoid using your laptop’s built-in mic and webcam. Today, many smartphones come with cameras that can shoot ultra high-quality videos, and if you have one of those, you won’t need to buy an expensive camera. Otherwise, you may need to get a special recording device to produce a good video. To further enhance the quality of your vlog, you can opt to have lighting equipment and other accessories like a tripod. additionally, you will need to have good editing software to have full control over your final product.

Choose a Platform

Before starting your vlog, you need to research different platforms and study their pros and cons. Whether they are free or you will have to pay for some of the options, you need to know so you can set a start-up budget in case you want to have those premium features. YouTube, Instagram, and Insta Live are some of the most popular platforms that most vloggers use nowadays. To attract more audience, you can maximize your vlog and upload it to different platforms. For instance, you can use longer video clips on YouTube and cut the same clip to shorter clips for Instagram or TikTok. Always keep your recordings as you might need them later when creating new content. Professionals at recommend that content creators should convert their videos to files, so they can reuse or edit them if needed. Moreover, it is always better to commit to a maximum of 2 platforms to further gain traction in your vlog.

Good Editing Software

The editing step can determine the success or failure of your post. To create a post that can deeply impress your audience, you need to be creative in editing your videos. Make sure to use the right software and have a logical sequence of your video recordings to create a story that will grab your viewers’ attention. Also, bear in mind that large files may take a long time to get uploaded online, so you need to find a video editor that can convert your video into a smaller format. Additionally, when applying music to your videos, it is recommended to use royalty-free music and credit the owners of the song to avoid copyright and legal issues.

Follow Trends But Stay True

Vlogging tends to be very personal, and your personality should shine through the content you create. Staying true to yourself and being transparent about the things or experiences you don’t like will make your audience more interested in the topics you are discussing.  It is not necessary to follow all the latest trends, but you need to stay up-to-date on some of the popular ones to make your videos go viral!

Look at the Lens

Lastly, when recording a video, do not get tempted to look at the screen instead of the camera lens. This will not only make you look awkward, but it will also seem it appear that you are not talking to your audience. If you have trouble looking at the lens for the first few times, try to practice and imagine that you are talking to your friends to feel more relaxed. Doing this will help you connect better with your audience, and your content will feel more personal.

While almost everyone can become a vlogger nowadays, only a few percent can become popular and successful that can attract big brand names to advertise their products. Having the right equipment and creating engaging posts will guarantee that your vlog will succeed in attracting many followers. However, the most important components of a good vlog are your personality and authenticity. Always stay genuine and true to yourself, so you can enjoy creating your craft that your audience will love!




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