Top Moving Stocks for Tuesday 16/02/2021

Top moving stocks

Shares of Limited (WBAI) rose 35.10%, Churchill Capital Corp IV (CCIV) increased 31.82%, Bluebio Inc (BLUE) dropped 37.85% among other stocks that made the headlines. We have highlighted below some of the reasons for the price movements. Limited (WBAI)
WBAI shares increased about 35.10% after the company announced the acquisition of businesses for 44.54 million shares of the company’s common stock. Its share price had previously closed at $20, started Tuesday at $33 to close the day’s trading at $27.02

Churchill Capital Corp IV (CCIV)
Churchill Capital Corp IV shares rose 31.82% following a report that Lucid Motors is nearing a deal to merge with Churchill. The stock jumped from its opening of $38.40 to close at $52.70 per share price.

Bluebird bio Inc (BLUE)
Bluebird bio shares traded as low as 37.85% following the company’s announcement that it will temporarily suspend its Phase 1/2 and Phase 3 studies of LentiGlobin gene therapy for sickle cell disease following a report that a patient who was treated more than five years ago in Group A of HGB-206 was diagnosed with AML. Its share price fell from its opening of $33.50 to close at $28.44.

Neptune Wellness Solution Inc (NEPT)
Shares of NEPT were down 30.71% after the company on Monday reported worse-than-expected Q3 EPS results and reported Q3 sales were down year over year. The stock was dropped from its opening price of $2.12 to close at $1.94