ByteDance denies NYSE talks

Following a Chinese media report that talks were underway, ByteDance has claimed it is not in preliminary discussions about listing video app TikTok on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

The Global Times, published by China’s ruling Communist Party’s official People’s Daily newspaper, said earlier on its Twitter account that ByteDance was in preliminary talks about a NYSE listing.

Shortly after, it tweeted that ByteDance had denied the report.

ByteDance has been in talks for months to finalize a deal to shift TikTok’s American assets into a new entity to address U.S. security concerns.

The White House has said it has an ongoing review of potential risks posed by TikTok on U.S. data. The U.S. Justice Department asked two federal appeals courts earlier this month to put on hold government appeals on lower courts’ rulings blocking restrictions the Trump administration sought against the app.