Top Moving Stocks for Friday 12/02/2021

Top moving stocks

Shares of Prothena Corp. (PRTA) rose 45.54%, QuantumScape (QS) increased 22.07% while HubSpot Inc (HUBS) was up 16.36% among other stocks that made the headlines. We have highlighted below some of the reasons for the price movements.

Prothena Corporation (PRTA)
Clinical-stage neuroscience company, Prothena shares rose 45.54% trading within their normal range on Friday. It opened the market at $17.07 to close at $22.85 as Jefferies upgraded the stock to buy from neutral expecting a 100% upside to the stock.

QuantumScape Corp. (QS)
Shares of QuantumScape was up 22.07% after an influential Wall Street analyst initiated coverage of the company in a bullish note. Its price per share moved up from the opening of $51 to close trading at $54.64.

HubSpot Inc. (HUBS)
HubSpot shares traded 16.36% on the upside following the release of its results for the fourth quarter, analyst upgrades, increased price targets, and general investor enthusiasm. The customer-relationship-management software company saw its price per share had previously closed at $431.76 to close Friday at $502.40.

Qudian Inc (QD)
Qudian shares traded within their normal range but was an increase of 15.56% moving from an opening price of $3.15 to close at $3.64.