Tesla moves to solidify Indian Dream


According to reports,Tesla Inc will set up an electric car manufacturing unit in Karnataka, India.

Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa
was quoted by the Mint, an Indian business newspaper, saying “American firm Tesla will open its electric car manufacturing unit in Karnataka.”

On January 8, Tesla registered the company named Tesla Motors India and Energy Private Limited with its registered office in the city of Bengaluru, Karnataka.

CEO Elon Musk has tweeted several times about his India plans. The first Tesla model to be sold in India could be the Model 3 sedan, at a starting price of $40,960, plus import duties.

Recently, India has been looking to reduce its dependence on oil and to promote electric vehicles. Tesla’s entry into the Indian market would help meet these goals. And the huge market holds similar potential for Tesla as China does.

However, the price range of Tesla vehicles is outside the reach of most Indians, plus there is the heavy import duty to consider.

But the company’s presence would boost the economy and employment in the country.