How to Improve Visibility of Your Business Online

Is Your Business Being Properly Optimized?

If you’ve recently started a new business or are looking to move your business onto an online platform making sure you put your best foot forward is always the way to go.

Navigating the way of the web can be difficult when it comes to putting your content out there. One misconception is that simply uploading your content will be enough to get the attention of your target audience.

Once your company is established that may be the case, but in the beginning stages, we have to work a little harder to make ourselves known, just like how you advertise your business offline.

Today we’ll be giving you tips on how to make your business visible in the online space. Whether that be Instagram, Linkedin, or a business website.

What Does Visibility Mean?

Let’s take a look into what we mean by making your website visible. Whether you’re looking to launch different types of directory websites or start your own personal business, making your content discoverable by users is your number one priority.

What this means, is that you’ll need to take the necessary steps to get your site as far up the Google search engine as possible. The closer it is to the top the more likely it is to be seen by potential customers or users. Hence the term ‘visible.’

Our goal is – by the end of this article, you’ll have the basic tips to start your optimization journey.


Using keywords is one of the best ways to garner organic traffic on your business’ online pages.

What is a keyword? Keywords are words you want your business to be attached to. We want to make it so that when someone inputs the word in the search bar on Google, your website will be one of the top results.

For instance, if your business sells gardening supplies, you’d want to promote keywords like ‘gardening tools’ or ‘plant seeds.’

To figure out what keywords will work well for your business, Google Trends and Analytics are always a good place to start. It’ll tell you what searches are trending based on the topic you input.

Don’t be afraid to include more than one or even two words in your keyword. However, you want to make sure you don’t use the same keyword too frequently – you’ll end up competing with your own content visibility.

Areas of a website that can be keyword optimized include:

  • The Landing Page
  • Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Subheadings
  • Articles and Posts

Google Verification

Google Verification is the perfect tool for businesses that offer in-person services. Not only will Google prioritize businesses that are verified, but all your information will be easily accessible to potential customers.

Your address, phone number, and hours of service will be readily available for Google users. Your business will also be able to be found when someone is in your vicinity.

If your business is a restaurant, someone searching “restaurants where I am” will get your business as a top search based on the location you’ve programmed.

Setting up your business for verification can be a tricky task so be sure you do your research on how to properly execute it before starting the process. There are plenty of how-to verify your business guides online that are helpful.

User Friendly

Ten or even fifteen years ago, using the internet was something that strictly belonged to computers, now there are plenty of devices that allow you to coherently search the world wide web.

That means you have to make sure your business pages are user-friendly no matter whether the device their using is a computer, phone, tablet, or even a smartwatch.

Believe it or not, Google knows how effective your website is on these devices and will prioritize websites that cater to the user experience.

Evergreen Content

Now let’s talk about your website’s actual content. This plays a bigger impact on visibility than people think. We discussed including keywords throughout your site but if not done properly it can actually lead to reduced visibility.

This is because Google tends to promote content that will be valuable to its users instead of valuable to their algorithm. You have to make sure your content stays relevant hence the term Evergreen Content.

Make sure that the majority of the content you’re sharing stays relevant for months and even years after it’s posted. This will help build credibility with Google and get your website to the top.

This is a good place to start when it comes to Business visibility online but don’t be afraid to do some more research and take your business’ online platform even further. Good Luck!


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