Amazon and Ferragamo sue several firms over counterfeit products

amazon Inc and Italian fashion group Salvatore Ferragamo on Thursday jointly sued several individuals and entities, mainly based in China, for allegedly selling counterfeit Ferragamo belts on its online retail store.

According to court documents,the duo filed two lawsuits against four individuals and three entities alleging that the defendants advertised and sold counterfeit Ferragamo products on the Amazon store, using its registered trademarks without authorization.

Out of seven defendants, the lawsuit says five are based in China and the other two could be in China or North Carolina or California. The lawsuit said several other defendants are presently unknown.

Last year, Amazon announced plans to give more data on counterfeit goods to law enforcement in a further crackdown on fakes peddled on its sites, much of which is sourced from China.

The companies said they are looking to permanently prevent the defendants from causing further harm to Amazon’s and Ferragamo’s intellectual property and to hold the defendants accountable for their actions.

The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington.


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