Top Moving Stocks for Thursday 04/02/2021

Top moving stocks

Shares of Leju Holdings (LEJU) increased about 23%, Gamestop dropped around 42%, Goos rose 21% among other stocks that made the headlines. We have highlighted below some of the reasons for the price movements.

Leju Holdings Ltd. (LEJU)
The company’s shares traded higher despite no company news to justify the price action. The stock increased about 23% moving from its opening price of $20 to close at 3.27.The company provides online real estate services.

GameStop Corp. (GME)
Shares of Gamestop traded lower as the stock continued to sell off following last week’s retail-driven surge. It dropped about 42% from its opening price of $91 to close around $53.50 in Thursday’s session.

Canada Goose Holdings (Goos)
Canada Goose shares rose 21% after the company reported Q3 results. The stock had closed at $35.17 on the previous day to close Thursday at $42.90

Ideanomics Inc. (IDEX)
Shares of Idex traded higher without no company-specific news to justify the price action. Its price moved upward from its 4.55 opening to close the session at $5.29.