Volkswagen challenges Google with own autonomous car software plans

Volkswagen revealed on Tuesday plans to develop most of the software needed for autonomous cars in-house.

Markus Duesmann, head of research and development at Audi claims though that the carmaker is not rejecting collaborations in some areas outright.

Asked whether Volkswagen was looking to Alphabet’s Google as a benchmark in software development, Duesmann said it wanted to be at least on the same level.

“We accept the challenge,” he added.

Despite calls to team up with rivals, Volkswagen is so far planning to go it alone, pointing to its position as the world’s second-largest carmaker.

“We have a size that makes us want to cooperate with ourselves initially,” said Duesmann, adding that Volkswagen is confident it can set new standards in software development.

If other companies wanted to join these standards it would be possible for them to do so, the Audi executive added.

Volkswagen has bundled its software competence into a newly formed unit Car.Software.Org, which employs about 5,000 and develops the VW.OS operating system.