SC Automotive Engineering partners BlackBerry Limited


 SC Automotive Engineering Co.Ltd (SCAE) has signed a partnership with BlackBerry Limited in a deal that would see the Tokyo based Engineering company offer Blackberry’s services and software to a wide range of customers in the automobile industry.

 SC Automotive Engineering joins the BlackBerry QNX Channel Partner Program, a global network of VAI (Value-Added Integrators) and distributors trained in QNX technology.

 With this agreement, SC Automotive Engineering Co. Ltd will propose products and services such as QNX, Neutrino, RTOS / QNX, OS for Safety, and Hypervisor, all owned by BlackBerry.

Combining these products and services with automotive engineering and building on BlackBerry QNX’s embedded technology, SCAE would provide automotive industry customers with integrated services, design and development of safety-critical solutions.

 The combination of BlackBerry QNX OS and SCAE’s global engineering capabilities will also contribute to the development of the Japanese automobile industry while providing many innovative solutions to global customers.