Microsoft backtracks on planned Xbox Live Gold’s price hike


After outrage from users, Microsoft Corp. has stopped its plan to raise the price for subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold, its paid online gaming platform.

The planned price raise would have doubled the cost of an annual pass and bring a six-month subscription to $60.

Last year, Microsoft removed the option for a full-year subscription at that price from the online store. The cost for a monthly subscription will also stay the same.

In a statement, Microsoft acknowledged that it “messed up” and had decided “not to change Xbox Live Gold Pricing.“

The earlier move would have pushed the price of Xbox Live Gold closer to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a more expensive subscription that also gives access to games and other perks.

Game Pass has become central to Microsoft’s strategy to attract loyalty with the recent release of the Xbox Series X console. But gamers were outraged that Microsoft announced the plan to raise the cost of a subscription so drastically, especially during the pandemic, when people have been spending more time on screens than usual and unemployment has risen.