Here is our price recommendations for our picks for today

Good morning to our community members, we are happy to share with you our price recommendations for our stock picks for today.

Please note that this is not financial advice. Do your due diligence and also speak to a financial adviser for further guidance.

Yesterday witnessed a major shift in the political leadership of the U.S. President Biden has finally taken office and the market will respond accordingly.

Key sectors we have to look at are, clean energy, electric vehicle, cannabis stocks, data analytics, health and cybersecurity as well as cloud computing companies because they will be the backbone of these sectors as their digital infrastructure has to be powered by data centers and hosting infrastructure for them to scale.

See below our price recommendations. Please do not chase these stocks, set your price targets and call for help if you get confused.

*FEYE: 20.50

*INTC: $56.99

*BB: $11.50

*HEXO: $4.99

*TLRY: $16.99

*FSR: $13.99

*CCIV: $16.99

*PLTR: 24.99

*NIO: $55.99

*ORCL: 60.50

*PANW: $365

*SOLO: $7.30

*PLUG: $57.99

*TWLO: $382

Please feel free to ask me any questions about these selections. I will share price recommendations in the middle of the market opening.

Happy investing!