Google bans ‘the new Parler’

Google has followed Apple’s steps by banning another social media app popular with far right users from its app store.

Following a crackdown by mainstream platforms against far right users inciting violence,Wimkin, which describes itself as “100% uncensored social media”, had risen in popularity in recent weeks.

A Google spokesperson said Wimkin was removed from the Play Store due to posts calling for violence against liberals.

It is the latest action from a Big Tech firm aimed at combating harmful content online in the wake of the violent insurrection at the US Capitol on 6 January, which left five people dead.

The event was planned on social media apps by pro-Trump supporters in the two months leading up to the riots, with Twitter users and groups on Facebook promoting false claims about the integrity of the US election.

The mass banning of Facebook and Twitter users who pushed misleading content, including Donald Trump’s accounts, saw many people migrate to fringe apps like Parler and Wimkin.

Apple and Google both banned Parler earlier this month and have now taken action against the lesser-known Wimkin app, which has roughly 300,000 users according to The Wall Street Journal.

Wimkin, became a haven for adherents to the QAnon conspiracy theory, prompting one tech commentator to describe it as “the next Parler”.


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