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( – Good morning and good afternoon to all our fellow investors and community members around the world.

Yesterday was more bullish than Monday because many stocks got major support from investors who are looking at investing more in green technology, EV and pot stocks.

Today, the market could start on a bearish tone as Congress is very likely to impeach President Donald Trump for the second time. However, the impact of the possible event on the market could be very well contained given the fact that he will be leaving office next week.

Today, we are picking top ETFs and a stock that can stabilise or exponentially grow your investment portfolio.

Do not chase these stocks but work in line with these prices to have a comfortable entry. Please note this is not financial advice and always speak to your financial advisor for further guidance.


PRICE: $21.99


PRICE: $123.99


PRICE: $67.99


PRICE: $14.70


PRICE: $139.70


PRICE: $346.99


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Have a profitable trading day ahead.