Top Moving Stocks for Wednesday 30/12/2020

Top moving stocks

Shares of ACM Research Inc, FuboTv, Barnes & Noble Education Inc were among the top moving stocks for Tuesday’s trading day. We have highlighted some of the reasons for their either upward or downward movements to aid your investing decisions.

ACM Research Inc (ACMR)
The stock jumped 20.29% on Wednesday despite no stock-related news to drive the shares. Meanwhile, major U.S. stock indexes opened higher on Wednesday morning, particularly on COVID-19 vaccine optimism.

ACMR began trading at $69.45 to close at around $80.80 on the day. The company develops, manufactures, and sells single-wafer wet cleaning equipment for enhancing the manufacturing process and yield for integrated chips worldwide.

Freeport-McMoran Inc (FCX)
The shares moved up about 7.24% despite trading within normal range which means there was no company stock-specific news. It opened trading at $24.82 to close at $26.53 on the day.

FuboTv (FUBO)
Shares of FUBO traded within their normal region but slumped 14.02% following a short-seller report by Kerrisdale Capital — the second such short report on fuboTV in a week. Kerrisdale believes the stock is worth $10 per share, which isn’t far from the $8 target set by LightShed Partners last week.

The stock opened trading at $37.70 to close at $33.31 on Wednesday.

Barnes & Noble Education (BNED)
Shares of BNED started trading as high as $5.43 as EVP Michael Connolly Miller sold 9,500 shares of the stock in a transaction dated Wednesday, December 30th. The stock was sold at an average price of $5.43, for a total transaction of $51,585.00.

It therefore closed lower falling by 11.19% to close at $4.84 although investor observer says the stock is near the top in its sector and has an overall rating of 81. That means it scores higher than 81% of stocks.