Top Moving Stocks for Tuesday 29/12/2020

Top moving stocks

Shares of Lemonade, Alibaba, Seer Inc and Arcturus were among the top moving stocks for Tuesday’s trading day. We have highlighted some of the reasons for their either upward or downward movements to aid your investing decisions.

Lemonade (LMND)
Shares of Lemonade traded within normal range but rose 9% in Tuesday’s trading session. The stock has fallen sharply over the past two trading days in anticipation, losing about 7% last Thursday and another 14% on Monday. It opened Tuesday at $110.53 to close at $113.34

Alibaba (BABA)
The China-based e-commerce company traded higher after China’s Central Bank said that the company’s Ant Group affiliate is exploring setting up a financial holding company. The stock gained about 6.25% on the trading day with its opening price from $231.70 to close at $235.26. However the company remains on watch, after recovering from last Thursday’s 13.3% drop with a very slight gain Monday. The drop came amid increased antitrust scrutiny by Chinese regulators.

Shares of Seer dropped more than 14% on Tuesday despite trading within normal range. It’s opening price was $63.99 while it closed at $55.23.

Arcturus Therapeutic (ARCT)
It was a massive drop for Arcturus following an update on their covid vaccine candidate ARCT 021. As a result of the update, multiple firms downgraded the stock, opening $54.80 to close at $42.36 accounting for more than 54% drop.