Here is our price recommendations for our top stock picks for today

( – Good morning and good afternoon to our fellow investors and community members around the world.

We are happily sharing our price recommendations for our top stock picks for the day.

The market started off on a bullish tone. While many stocks are reaching an all-time high, some other big names such as Tesla are shedding some noticeable weights. Today is a day to seek caution in choosing stocks to buy, however, we advise that you have a target price in mind before pushing the buy button.

See below our price recommendations for our top picks for today:

Please note this is not financial advice and always speak to your financial advisor for further guidance.

*MGA – Strong potential in the autonomous vehicle industry

PRICE: $62.99

*HMC – Underpriced legacy car maker

PRICE: $28.00

*PSTH – Strong potential for a huge merger

PRICE: $25.22

*QS – Strong potential in EV battery

PRICE: $115.00

*BB- A lower barrier to entry and an expected stronger Q4 performance

PRICE: $7.06

*VLDR – Expected to pair gains in prices as LAZR gets stronger

PRICE: $25.00

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We will share our price-performance update tomorrow. Have a profitable trading day ahead.