Top Moving Stocks for 17/12/2020

Top moving stocks

These are some of the stocks making the biggest moves that might interest you as you head into a new trading day. Understand the why and how of their movement to help you make your own investing decisions.

Nano-X Imaging Ltd (NNOX)
Shares of Radius Health traded on a high making up to 21.50% upward movement. NNOX began trading at $45.76 and closed at $53.47 to continue its annual growth which is now about 147.12%.

Nano-X Imaging Ltd. engages in developing and producing X-ray source technology for the medical imaging industry in the United States. It develops novel digital X-ray source, a microelectromechanical system-based semiconductor cathode that achieves electron emission by a non-thermionic low-voltage trigger to nano-scale molybdenum cones.

The company researches and develops drug therapies. It focuses on helping treat osteoporosis by building new bone in patients, and women’s health conditions including menopause and age-related muscle loss.

US Silica Holdings Inc (SLCA)
On Thursday December 17th slid 7% having opened with a price of $7.77 to close at $7.35 on the trading day.

The company produces Silica, a specialized mineral that is a critical input into the oil and gas proppants end market and a variety of attractive industrial and specialty products end market,

Core Laboratories NV (CLB)
Core Laboratories saw its shares tanked on the trading day after the company announced a secondary offering. The company is looking to raise $60 million. Core provides services to the oil and gas industry and has approximately 44.5 million shares outstanding at the last count.

Its shares opened trading at $27.14 to close at $25.77 on the day.

Horizon Therapeutics (HZNP)
The stock was down to a tune of 9.62% following an announcement by the company about a short-term supply disruption for TEPEZZA due to government mandated COVID-19 vaccine production.

It closed at $76.69 on the previous day to begin Thursday at $71 and then closing at $69.31.

The company is an Irish-tax registered pharmaceutical company that acquires, rebrand, repackages and reprices specialist drugs for sale into the U.S healthcare system which represented 97% of Horizon’s 2017 worldwide sales.

Herman Miller Inc (MLHR)
Herman Miller shares traded lower after the company reported Q2 earnings result. Reporting $0.89 per share pro forma on $626.3 million in sales, where the Wall Street had expected it to earn only $0.56 on $585.5 million in sales. This should have been good news but investor’s response says the opposite. Sales may have exceeded expectation but they were still down 7% year over year. That’s not good.