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( – Good morning and good afternoon to our fellow investors and community members around the world.

We are happily sharing our price recommendations for our top stock picks for the day.

But before we do that, here is how our stock picks for yesterday performed:

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See below our top picks for today:

Please note this is not financial advice and always speak to your financial advisor for further guidance.

$HEXO (Cannabis) – Announcement of a reverse stock split, a bearish sentiment could be a point of

$NBEV (Cannabis)- Low entry point could be attractive to swingers

$FEYE (Cybersecurity)- Bearish sentiments after a hacking incident could make the stock cheaper

$IPOB (SPAC) – Bullish sentiments as the merger with Opendoor Technologies gets closer

$SABR (Aviation software) –  Hopes of recovery as vaccination and airline industry plan bigger reopening

$LAZR (LiDar technology) – A mixture of bearish sentiments caused by Citron’s short opinion plus buying interest from new entrants.

We will share our price recommendations after the opening bell.

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