Learn the US Stock Market and Empower Yourself

As part of our mission to continue to support Nigerians who are interested in profiting from the US stock market, we have partnered with Wealth Hackers, the leading financial markets training provider.

As part of our partnership with Wealth Hackers, all trainees will get discounts if they signup with us across different training packages provided by Wealth Hackers.

Sign up for any of the packages below to enjoy the exclusive discounts, courtesy of PageOne.ng.

These course are designed for:

* People with no prior knowledge of the Foreign stock market Investing;

* People with a basic knowledge of the Foreign stock market Investing who are ready to learn more;

* And People interested in investing in the Foreign stock market.


MASTERCLASS = ₦30,000 (2% exclusive discount)

This is designed for young investors who need to build their investment portfolio and get a deep insight on Personal Finance, General Investment and Stock Investment.

DURATION: 4 Sessions 2 Weekends – Saturdays & Sundays only

LOCATION : Online – Zoom.

What you will learn:

  •  Personal Money Management
  •  Savings/ Emergency Fund
  •  Budgeting
  •  Investment 101 – General Investment Overview
  •  The Rules of Money
  •  Stock Investment 101
  •  Stock Investment 102: Deep Dive Into Stock Market
  •  The Money Game
  •  Investment 103: Future Proofing Your Portfolio
  •  Debt Management
  •  Compounding
  •  Picking Winning Stocks
  •  Beginner Portfolio

Register now:  https://cutt.ly/fhQF10u


EXCLUSIVE COACHING = ₦65,000 (2.5% exclusive discount)

This is designed for top investors who are looking to grow their finance and future proofing their portfolio through tailored strategy and professional coaching.

DURATION:6 Sessions 3 Weekends – Saturdays & Sundays Only

LOCATION : Online – Zoom.

  •  All MASTERCLASS lessons
  •  Stock Valuation
  •  Monthly 1-2-1 Consultation
  •  Financial Risk Management
  •  Personalized Portfolio Design

Register now:  https://cutt.ly/fhQF10u


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