EFCC arrests Anyanso Mma, founder of Map.ng

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The CEO of Themap.ng, an investment platform which specializes in logistics, virtual reality and real estate, Mr. Ayanso Mma, has been detained by the Economic and financial crimes commission in Oketobo, Lagos state.

Prior to his arrest,Themap.ng has been experiencing difficulties in paying investors their return on investment.

As expected, anger and impatience grew amongst investors who could not only not receive their ROI, but their initial capital too.

In an effort to curb the impending dissent, the CEO, Anyanso MMA, proposed a meeting with investors to discuss ways in which money can be refunded. According to a reliable source, an agreement could not be reached with investors.

Earlier, Themap.ng had received a warning from the security and exchange commission on the 7th of October, advising the platform to desist from collecting money from investors under the guise of investments which they termed illegal.

However, But Mr Ayanso went ahead to market a new promo for an investment product that was termed CRMI, bearing in mind that he had no intentions of paying investors.

He then tried to move a sum of 800 million naira into a Zenith bank account while he was under investigation for unknown reasons that was later flagged by the bank after which the EFCC was invited which led to his arrest.

In an official announcement, The Map.ng, confirmed Mr Ayanso’s arrest. TheMap.ng also claims that the CEO has met all required of him by EFCC; providing sureties, checking the legitimacy of the company and so on.

TheMap also pleads with investors who have petitioned EFCC to withdraw those petitions.

TheMap.ng also stated that “contrary to expressed views and social media rumors, the company hasn’t gone under, neither did we scam you of your monies. We are still available and willing to kick off operations as soon as possible to meet our obligations of paying back CRMI refunds and weekly ROis.”