Here is our top stock picks for today

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Coming from a bounce-back from the trenches, EV stocks will look to gain more ground to claw back past losses.

But first, see below the performance of our picks and recommendations at the closing bell on Friday:

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We are sharing below stock picks and rationale for selection.

Please note, this is not financial advice, contact your financial advisor for further guidance.

$NYMT – Further and potential bounce back from the pandemic crash

$YATRA – Vaccination and the anticipation of a reboot in international travels from India to the world

$LPSN – Latest deal with Bella and potential growth in AI-driven messaging

$BB – Potential analyst upgrade and the recent autonomous car software deal with $AMZN

$LAZR (GMHI) – Merger with the SPAC and a flurry of interest in the company.

$PLTR – Potential bounce back after analyst downgrade on valuation

Recommended prices will be shared at the opening bell.


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