Derisking Your Portfolio for Post-Pandemic Economy


As the Coronavirus pandemic seems to be coming to an end, it is important that investors take a review of their portfolios to ensure it is balanced, and even very much ‘derisked’.

Being a long term investor or a speculative trader does not matter. What matters is an investor’s financial goal and how investors can sustain their wealth from being eroded. Here are some of our recommendations.

First of all, Investors should review their sectoral exposure bearing in mind that many sectors affected by the pandemic are about to see a rebound.

Also, Investors should look into over-concentration on higher beta or volatile stocks. Investors should determine how resilient they will be if post-COVID-19 sentiments continue to push the market.

Furthermore,Investors should look into futuristic and transcending technology stocks. They are stocks that performed during COVID and after the pandemic because of their relevance to the present and the future.

Most importantly, investors should do more research and discover more undervalued stocks. Thousands of good companies are waiting to be discovered, just spend some time and research, you will hit gold.