Here is our price recommendations for our top stock picks of the day

( – Good morning and good afternoon to our fellow investors and community members around the world.

The market had been having a mixed trading session with Apple seen a lift up and Palantir seeing a major shed of weight. However, the market is still very early to predict today.

On that note, we are happy to share our stock price recommendations for our top picks for today.

Please note, this is not financial advice, contact your financial advisor for further guidance.

$ACB – $10.99

$HEXO – 1.09

$PLTR – $23.99

$TSLA – $565.00

$KNDI – $6.00

$SOLO – $7.00

We will share a performance table showing percentage gain or loss at the end of the market.

Please see below our reasons for our recommendations.

Here is our top stock picks for today

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