Moderna Chairman expects first doses of vaccines to go out by December


Co-Founder and Chairman of Moderna Inc, Noubar Feyan said that he expects the first batch of vaccines to go out by December 2020 all things being equal.

Moderna will apply for U.S. and European emergency authorization for its COVID-19 vaccine on Monday after full results from a late-stage study showed it was 94.1% effective with no serious safety concerns.

The company reported that the vaccine’s efficacy rate was consistent across age, race, ethnicity and gender demographics as well as having a 100% success rate in preventing severe cases of a disease that has killed nearly 1.5 million people.

If all goes well, during December we expect that the first batch of vaccines will go out and the people who will receive that will be determined by guidelines set by the CDC as well as their equivalent in other countries, Noubar said in a chat with CNN.

“Thereafter in the first quarter of next year, we expect to work toward full licensure of the vaccines such that a broader community can receive it, and we said publicly that we expect to produce five hundred million to one billion doses during 2021 which we fully intend to use across the world to have the biggest impact that we can have.

The filing sets Moderna’s product up to be the second vaccine likely to receive U.S. emergency use authorization this year following a shot developed by Pfizer and BioNTech which had a 95% efficacy rate in trials.