Police attacked with bottles, as 150 are arrested for flouting Covid rules at warehouse party

Partygoers tried to barricade themselves inside the party’s base – a former tea factory used in Steven Spielberg’s 2018 film Ready Player One – to stop cops getting in.

Meanwhile ten riot vans and several police cars moved in as the chaos unfolded at around 9.30pm.

Four dog units also arrived to control the crowd as glass bottles were hurled at officers wearing riot gear.

West Midlands Police said on social media: “An illegal rave in a disused warehouse in Digbeth was discovered tonight.

“Around 150 people were inside, some started to throw bottles at officers.

“All persons were led out in small numbers. Their details were taken and fixed penalty notices were issued for breaching lockdown restrictions. The fine is £200 to be paid within 28 days.”

Paramedics arrived after a woman was brought out by officers with a suspected broken ankle.

Other partygoers joined carrying bags of booze, but made a quick getaway after spotting police.

Cops eventually managed to breach the barricade and stop the music – as more of their colleagues arrived.