Turkish Cargo carries COVID-19 vaccines via its cross-continental air bridge


Continuing its contributions for the sustainability of the global supply chain by
building a global air cargo bridge all across the globe with its cargo flights, Turkish Cargo
started to carry COVID-19 vaccines with its strong fleet, wide flight network and special
cargo service quality.

Offering service to 127 countries around the world, Turkish Cargo carried the
COVID-19 vaccines, manufactured in China, to Brazil which is at a flight distance of
approximately 17 thousand kilometers. The COVID-19 vaccines, loaded inside 7
containers equipped with dedicated cooling systems, were transported safely from
Beijing to Sao Paulo, the biggest city of the South America, with a connection flight at

By carrying pharmaceuticals to the key and certificated destinations such as
Mumbai, Brussels, Istanbul, Singapore, Dubai, Basel, London and Amsterdam, Turkish
Cargo created a global pharmaceutical corridor between more than 400 destinations, and
maintains its commitment for transporting the COVID-19 vaccines that are ready or being

Holding the IATA CEIV (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators) pharma
certificate, Turkish Cargo, maintains the cold chain at the optimal conditions thanks to
the “TK Pharma” product which was has designed for carrying pharmaceuticals at global

Transporting pharmaceuticals all across the global in great numbers during
the course of the pandemic, the successful brand carried more than 40 thousand tons of
pharmaceuticals, medical products and medical equipment between January and
September, and reported a growth over 50 percent for the pharmaceutical shipments
during the same period.

Turkish Cargo provided a capacity increase for the COVID-19 vaccine shipments. In order to satisfy the increased demand for transportation of the vaccines,
pharmaceuticals and temperature-controlled cargo, Turkish Cargo commissioned the
temperature-controlled smart warehouse with an additional area of 1200 square meters.
Additionally, having increased its capacity for the cold chain shipments by 30 percent by
working with the largest suppliers of active containers in the industry, Turkish Cargo
enhanced its cold chain shipment scale to 25 thousand tonnes per month thanks to the
capacity to service additional 150 aircraft pallets on instantaneous basis.

Turkish Airlines Chief Cargo Officer, Turhan Özen stated; ‘’We made significant
contributions for the sustainability of the supply chain and enlarged our cold chain footprint all
around the world thanks to the business processes we have been maintaining uninterruptedly
during the course of the pandemic. For the purpose of maintaining the cross-continental cold chain,
Turkish Cargo offers industrial solutions such as the dedicated temperature-controlled storehouses
between the range of -20/25 degrees, pharmaceutical maintenance teams, active containers and
thermal carriers. Thanks to our special cargo shipments, for which we hold all global qualifications
and certifications, we are ready to transport the vaccines that are ready or being developed to all
across the globe.”

SmartIST, the key transit air logistics center between Asia and Europe
Turkish Cargo is getting ready to offer even higher standards for the
pharmaceutical shipments with the certificated dedicated operation areas that will be
available with SmartIST, its new mega facility located at the Istanbul Airport (IST) that
covers an area of 340 thousand square meters.
With an annual handling capacity of more than 4 million tonnes, SmartIST will be
equipped with the receival, delivery and operation area dedicated for the special cargo,
the temperature-controlled unit devices (ULDs), an operation area of 2100 square meters
isolated from the other cargo and a web-based temperature and humidity monitoring

Boasting the world’s widest direct cargo aircraft network, Turkish Cargo reaches
over 300 destinations, 95 of which is direct cargo destinations, and offers its services
24/7 to its customers over its global network with its fleet of 365 aircrafts.

Cargo continues to raise its bar for success every day by combining its wide range of
service and operational capabilities with the unique geographical advantage of Turkey
and aims to become one of the top 5 air cargo brands in 2023.