Tesla CEO Elon Musk Will Bring Full Self-Driving to Canada, Norway After US

(Tech Times) – Elon Musk will be bringing Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software to Canada and Norway after the beta testing is completed in the United States.

Canada and Norway are next after we get US out of early beta! — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 2, 2020
This was the Tesla CEO’s response to a fan’s tweet asking him Tesla to “implement all FSD functions for Norway.” Twitter user Kjell Arne Rekaa said that Norwegian laws are embracing autonomous vehicles. He also claimed that the Northern European nation has the “highest density of Tesla cars” across the world.

Rekaa also noted that Norway is not part of the European Union. Earlier, Musk who tweeted that they will include Europe in Starlink Beta Testing roll out once they got the country approval. It is required for each nation to provide approval since no approval system exists to cover all European Union members.

Tesla Full Self-Driving beta software
According to an Electrek report, Tesla has already begun an early beta of its “Full Self-Driving” software in the U.S. over the past weeks. This update allows autonomous turns in intersections as well as auto lane changes. However, this update is currently available to select US Tesla owners as part of an “early beta” access program.

Combining the Autopilot system with Navigate, drivers can now set a specific destination while the car will autonomously navigate to reach the location. However, it still requires the driver to supervise the auto-driving as well as take control whenever required.

Tesla warned that the FSD “must be used with additional caution” since it is still on early beta testing. The electric vehicle company said the autopilot “may do the wrong thing at the worst time”; thus, drivers should not be complacent and must always keep their hands on the wheel.

Since the U.S. beta testing has been rolled out earlier than December as he previously said, Musk vowed to bring the FSD beta in Norway and Canada, which are the first markets to try the software outside of the U.S. However, must first get the approvals since new markets have different regulations, signs, and road markings, which could make the process quite complicated.

Tesla’s FSD software could reduce accident by 90%
German researchers could make roads safer and prevent thousands of car accidents. In Germany, car accidents surged by 6% in the past three years. In 2013, accidents occurred every 300,661 kilometers, but in 2019, the figure rose and the distance for each accident was reduced to every 281,849 kilometers.

Tesla Full Self-Driving beta software
Researchers also pointed out that accident rates are highly different between conventional vehicles and Tesla cars with Autopilot and safety features enabled. The CAR Institute also estimated that if all cars in Germany have Tesla’s Autopilot in 2019, only 29,413 accidents would have occurred, which is only about 10% of 281,849 accidents that occurred last year. This means preventing 90% of road accidents.

Tesla reported that one billion people use Autopilot every day, which allowed for collecting more information. Tesla’s Autopilot uses “learning artificial intelligence” that connects all Tesla electric vehicles as well as gathers data to carefully study road conditions, patterns, and accidents whenever it occurs.