Wells Fargo launches Payment Tracker at SIBOS 2020

Wells Fargo has launch of Payment Tracker, a new, single status, secure, web-based solution for tracking global payments.

“We are committed to digitally enabling and empowering our financial institution customers with transparent, cross-border payment services,” said George Doolittle, head of Global Payment Services at Wells Fargo. “We believe this capability will truly enhance customers’ end-to-end experience.”

Payment Tracker is a free tool that leverages Wells Fargo’s leading role and membership in the SWIFT gpi initiative. It allows customers to:

– Reduce the time spent resolving payment issues with an easy and global way to monitor and track cross-border payments through Wells Fargo in near real-time status.
– Access the tool from any device.
– Track the status of international wires in more than 20 currencies, up to the final beneficiary.

– Offer open access direct searches to clients, branches, originators, and beneficiaries.
– Monitor the date, currency, and amount credited to the beneficiary and gpi payment duration.

“Wells Fargo’s Payment Tracker is the new foundation for transparency in global payments,” said Judd Holroyde, head of Global Product Management at Wells Fargo. “Transparent, simple to use, and easy to understand, Payment Tracker will help our clients reduce their own service costs by sharing with customers the ability to track their payment status from any digital device.”

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