Tesla hacker discovers new radar, ultrasonic sensors

(Benzinga) – Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) recently updated the Model Y with more range, and the Model 3 with a total refresh that includes new tires, a new center console and other improvements.

It appears that Tesla is about to add more new features to the company’s fleet.

A Tesla hacker by the name of @greentheonly on Twitter is known for digging into the code of newly dispatched Tesla software updates. In the latest builds, he said he found a lot of new information.

It seems Tesla is working on a new in-house radar that may be up to twice as powerful than the current one. The Model 3 will be receiving a heated radar, which the Y already has, the hacker said.

The Model Y “flat fold” third row was also found, which is expected to ship by the end of 2020.

Tesla is also developing new in-house ultrasonic sensors to go along with the new radar. These new sensors should have better range and resolution then the sensors now in use.

Benzinga’s Take: While Tesla says all vehicles made today are capable of Full Self-Driving, it doesn’t mean Tesla will stop improving their software and sensor suite.

Better sensors will allow the vehicles to see farther and react to situations sooner and more reliably.

There is also always the chance Tesla may retrofit improvements to customers who already paid the hefty sum for Full Self-Driving.