New Tesla Batteries Could Last Over 2 Million Miles

(Tech Times) – A particular Tesla battery researcher showed certain updated test results that pointed towards batteries capable of lasting well over 15,000 cycles or the actual equivalent of about 2 million miles (3.5 million km) in a EV.

Some time last year, Electrek reported that a certain Jeff Dahn along with his lab, who are all under contract to conduct battery research for the Tesla company, released a particular paper. The paper showed just how the futuristic Li-ion battery technology can actually produce batteries capable of lasting 1 million miles in all electric vehicles.

Who is Jeff Dahn and what has his research found?
In a brand new presentation, Jeff Dahn then discussed certain updated test results coming from this brand new battery, which he then hopes will become the brand new standard for the Li-ion battery that the upcoming battery technologies will benchmark themselves to.

The known scientist, who is already widely recognized as one of the pioneers of Li-on batteries, has referenced their article from a paper they did last year noting that it actually sparked wide interest in the whole new battery chemistry and also battery longevity.

New Tesla battery range could reach 2 million miles in total
They then continued to test those batteries along with some of them actually going on 3 whole years of testing and about over 10,000 cycles. Jeff Dahn then concluded that these batteries put in medium range EV cars would actually be able to last some time over 3.5 million kilometers or about 2 million miles.

He then showed the results that were based on quite different depths of discharge, this means that what percentage of capacity that they are actually discharging the batteries a time before actually recharging them. It then showed that the Li-ion batteries then performed quite well after reaching up to 15,000 cycles.

Quite impressively, the batteries actually showed quite little up to no capacity in degradation when they are actually discharged from between 25 to 50 percent of their own capacity. This is actually the reality and how most people use their own cars. On average, most American drivers actually just use their own vehicles for below 30 miles a day.

New Tesla battery life span when used 30 miles/day
Another article by Electrek stated that for example, with the given battery in a particular Tesla vehicle with about over 300 miles of range, it could then be used to commute about 30 miles a day and also by charging, on average, from the known 70 to 80 percent every single day, it would then result in quite little up to no actual battery degradation.

Actually considering it would actually mean that those batteries could even virtually last forever or even much longer than the actual or even useful life of a known acar. Dahn then brings up a question asking if we actually need batteries that are capable of that much and are they that good?