Elon Musk Assures Truck Drivers That Starlink Will Provide Speedy Internet on Roads and Outdoors

Elon Musk is expanding the reach of Starlink’s Satellite Internet coverages even outside the comforts of one’s home to outdoor activities and truck drivers going across states. Starlink’s reliable and “insanely fast” promise of internet connectivity will be helping truck drivers sometime in the future once it is publicly launched.

Starlink’s Satellite Internet connectivity promises tremendous speeds of internet connectivity not just for North America and Canada but also for the global citizens that will soon enjoy its services. Elon Musk’s satellite internet systems are still in closed beta trials but will soon give the public a chance to experience the connection.

Elon Musk’s Starlink internet is one of the most promising internet connectivities in the world, capable of delivering massive gigabytes to users globally with its orbiting satellite and powerful antennas. The conception of Starlink’s internet is just for the home, but Musk promises more to it.

Elon Musk: Starlink Satellite Internet for Truck Drivers
Elon Musk was recently sought on Twitter (@elonmusk) by a concerned truck driver who experiences slow internet connectivity while driving around the state. Musk is known to answer queries on his Twitter page, mostly regarding innovations from the company.

Josh Townsend, a truck driver, asks the Starlink CEO on Twitter if ever Starlink would be able to service the 3.5 million “truckers” with fast connection speeds from the satellite internet that Musk promises. Townsend says that drivers suffer from “less than adequate” connections while on the road.

Townsend even asks if it will be a reality for folks like them, particularly truck drivers. The Starlink CEO replies with a simple “Yes,” meaning that this will be another venture and promise from the company and Elon Musk himself. The truck driver shows several points and routes where trucks mostly pass through. The points even indicate the places where internet connectivity is scarce and limited, especially for moving objects. Currently, internet connectivity for moving vehicles is mostly reliant on cellular data for internet connection.

Starlink: Outdoor Fast Internet Will Come
Elon Musk’s confirmation for the truck drivers is a deal-breaker for most Twitter users and soon, to the public, because most fast internet connections are available on fixed points only. Before, homes, buildings, and establishments were the only places to experience rapid and stable connectivity to go online.

The Twitter inquiry of the truck driver grabbed the attention of several users who are also interested in the internet that the company provides, integrating it with their particular lifestyle. Outdoor adventurers are even asking about the internet to use while camping out in the wilderness.

One Twitter user even tweeted a rendered concept photo of a Tesla Cybertruck sporting a Starlink satellite dish to harness the skies’ internet connectivity. This concept photo shows wilderness camping in a remote location, aiming to have even the best connections outside of the home.

Starlink’s Internet Speed Now
According to PC Mag, Starlink now gives a top internet speed of 100 megabytes per second (Mbps) for its download speeds. The satellite internet can produce a low latency of 30 milliseconds for the connection and online use.