Why You Might Not Earn Much From Bioceutica LLC

Bioceutica LLC is a Multi-Level-Marketing company operating in the health and wellness niche. It is one of the few MLM companies with a solid business offering based on sales.

Bioceutica’s corporate history dates back to 1996 when it was known as Ideal Health. Later, in 2009, it was renamed The Trump Network( after Donald Trump). Then, in 2012, it was acquired by Mr. Antoine Nohra, “an expert in the creation, expansion, acquisition, and turnaround of marketing companies that support financial and retail clients”, and renamed Bioceutica.

Bioceutica’s credibility as a true investment opportunity cannot be questioned. It markets a wide range of “nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals”, and skincare products. So, technically, Bioceutica cannot be called a scam, or a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme.

The main problem with Bioceutica however, is its very low-income potential. This is obvious from its nature and business model.

The very first thing a wise prospective investor should look out for when deciding whether or not to invest in an MLM company is the company’s early life momentum. In the MLM world, the younger is better.

In an MLM company, only a few early adopters or high ranking investors or affiliates earn a reasonable amount of income. The MLM business model ensures that a huge chunk of funds generated by new or low ranking investors are systemically funneled up to the high ranking investors.

In a young MLM company, the high ranks are still there to be filled. Bioceutica already has thousands of investors across the globe. As such, coming in as low ranking investor means indirectly creating wealth for existing investors.

Also, there is a lot of unfair focus on the sales activities of low ranked personally recruited affiliates. As an investor, your ability to earn would depend on the ability of downlines to generate income through sales. That is, an investor can have a high personal sales volume but still has to have an actively selling team of personally recruited affiliates or investors to have access to commissions and bonuses.

Although Bioceutica does not ground its business on affiliate recruitment, the reliance on downlines is a subtly way of emphasizing affiliate recruitment.

Bioceutica runs a 6 tiered ranking system. For an investor to move up the ranks, a certain number of personal sales must be reached. At a time when skepticism about MLM companies is sky high, convincing people to buy might be difficult.

Also, the cosmetic niche market is quite saturated and clogged. The investing public has a lot of vibrant alternatives in the market. Thus, the income potential of Bioceutica is further reduced.

While Bioceutica’s business offering is solid, investors might not earn much. You should not consider Bioceutica an investment or income augmentation opportunity except you possess the almost superhuman ability to break through the ranks in a short while.


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