Why Freedom Equity Group Is Not Worth Your Money

 What makes a Multi-Level-Marketing(MLM) company legitimate? Is it having a line of marketable and investable products? Is it having a generous and easy-to-understand compensation plan? Is it having a unique business offering or is it having a lot of accreditations and awards? Whatever the criteria are, transparency tops the list. This is exactly what Freedom Equity Group(FEG) lacks.

  FEG is an MLM company that operates in the insurance niche. FEG markets indexed universal life insurance and annuities through third-party partners. Heading up FEG are co-founders Ron Bloomingkemper (Chairman), Ron Petrinovich (CEO), and Bill St. Clair (President). This trio boast years of experience in Insurance, Marketing, and Network Marketing. Little wonder FEG is well marketed. Its website is decorated with great marketing and sales pitches.

However, these sales pitches are only intended to market FEG. They do not provide the specifics that a prospective investor would typically be looking out for. FEG might have been perfect if not for the deliberate omission of vital information. Perhaps, an investor gets to be in the know when that investor subscribes to being an affiliate of the company.

  Investors would find it difficult to make informed decisions about FEG’s offerings. This omission also gives FEG off as one of those Ponzi-Pyramid schemes shielding important information from investors while actively engaging in marketing and networking.

FEG runs, basically on a six-tiered ranking system. Rank progression is tied to sales volumes that attract commissions. There is also a subtle but incentivized emphasis on affiliate recruitment. Commissions and bonuses are also paid using a unilevel compensation structure that places an affiliate atop a unilevel team of investors down an infinite level of teams.

  While this information cannot be found on FEG’s website, digging around the marketing loops on FEG’s website and the sparse specific information reveals these. Rather than provide compensation documentation to the public and prospective affiliates, Freedom Equity Group only focuses on income potential.

  In its marketing pitch, FEG guarantees high returns. While it is difficult to make informed decisions about FEG, this is a sign that FEG might not be legitimate. In the investment world, volatility and fluctuations rules. Nothing is guaranteed though prospects could be high.

FEG is not suitable for the 21st Century market. While absolute transparency might be unrealistic, FEG caginess is inexcusable and makes it look like a Ponzi scheme, a shabby one at that.

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