Disney Plans to Go Head-to-Head with Netflix, May Launch Streaming Soon


(Tech Times) – Disney is now restructuring its goals and has decided to put more focus on streaming as its primary objective. Although fairly new, Disney+ has proven to be a huge success for the company going against the popular streaming monopoly, Netflix.

Disney as a company: How Disneyland changed the company
An article by Screen Rant explains how Disney+, although has already had its roots deep in family entertainment, is still looking to grow their streaming service. At the same time, there has been talks about how Disney+’s original films haven’t been able to make as much success as Netflix has been able to pull off.

However, these are still considerably the early days for Disney in the streaming industry and as in the past, Disney has proven to have the ability to thrive when thinking about the long-term goals.

In the past, nobody had actually anticipated that in 1955, Disneyland would open up with six parks in total. This was already an evolution at the time and although the attendance numbers started off quite slow (in comparison to today’s standards), Disneyland’s very first opening never technically dropped back over the span of 65 years until today due to the pandemic.

How the pandemic changed the world of entertainment
As of the moment, the ongoing pandemic is generally forcing both Hollywood and the film industry all across the world to actually reconsider their own release models. Disney is also currently making a film decision.

According to a certain press release by the company on Business Wire, the corporation is currently officially focused on being able to redirect its resources towards online streaming, which is going to be done through the use of original content to be published on Disney+.

Aside from this, the Mouse House has actually now formed a brand new, single global Media as well as Entertainment Distribution group that will be in charge of overseeing every single aspect of Disney’s own streaming services.

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What is Disney going to do now?
Disney’s very own CEO Bob Chapek commends the success of Disney+ and states that the company plans to accelerate the whole direct-to-consumer business. It was stated that they are now strategically positioning the whole company in order to be even more effective in supporting their growth strategy as well as increase the total shareholder value.

The management of content creation which will be distinct from distribution will then allow them to become even more effective and also nimble in making the whole content consumers happy with the way they consume their content.

According to Bob Chapek, the creative teams are currently doing their best in delivering world-class, franchise-based content, while the newly centralized and recently put up global distribution team will then focus on being able to deliver and monetize the content across different platforms that include Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, and even the up and coming Star international streaming service.


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