Amazon approves Medigus’ Smart Repair launch in the UK, four EU countries


Medigus Ltd said tit was informed by Smart Repair Pro, Inc. a data-driven e-commerce company operating on the Amazon Marketplace, that all of Amazon’s required regulatory processes were completed, which allows for the opening of its store in 5 leading countries: UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Following Amazon’s approval, Smart Repair Pro is preparing to launch its brands for the first time in the European and UK market.

Medigus last week announced its entry into e-commerce business by signing a definitive agreement to acquire a controlling interest in Smart Repair Pro, Inc. and Purex, Inc.. According to the agreement, Medigus will hold 50.01% of the issued and outstanding share capital of each of the companies. The closing of the transactions contemplated in the definitive agreements are subject to customary closing conditions.

Smart Repair Pro and Purex currently manage three successful brands on the Amazon Marketplace, offering a variety of products. According to initial information provided to Medigus, the companies’ revenues target for 2020 is approximately $3 million with net profit of approximately 35%.


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