Apple will reportedly unveil a laptop with its own silicon in November

(CNET) – Apple already has a big event lined up for Oct. 13, when it’s expected to roll out the iPhone 12. However, that may not be the last big announcement the tech giant has in the works for the year. Bloomberg reported Friday that Apple plans to unveil the first Mac portable using new Arm chips in November.

At the company’s virtual Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple announced it was swapping out the Intel processors that haven driven Macs for years for its own Arm chips and expected the first Apple-silicon Macs to arrive by the end of 2020. Apple said the transition to Arm-based Macs could take up to two years.

Apple didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Using a Mac portable for the first Arm-based Mac could make sense as a way for Apple to show off the new chips. It would give the company a way to highlight improvements in portable power consumption over Intel-based laptops, with control over both the software and hardware.


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