Nvidia announces $52M supercomputer in Arm’s hometown; partners with GSK

(Seeking Alpha) – As part of the GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia (NVDA +3.3%) announces it will build a $52M supercomputer in Cambridge, England.

Cambridge is the home base of Arm, the chip unit that Nvidia agreed to buy from SoftBank for $40B.

The Cambridge-1 supercomputer, which will launch by year’s end, will be used for AI-backed healthcare research. Nvidia says it will be the 29th most powerful computer in the world and the most powerful in Britain.

GSK (NYSE:GSK), AstraZeneca, and NHS researchers are among those that will be able to use the Cambridge-1, which will offer 400 petaflops of AI performance and will feature 80 connected Nvidia systems.

GSK is gaining access through a new partnership with Nvidia based on the healthcare company’s new London AI hub.

Nvidia will supply its GPU optimization expertise and high-performance computational pipeline products, including the Clara Discovery drug discovery applications and frameworks.


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