Mary Trump Slams President After Coronavirus Diagnosis

Mary Trump blasted her uncle, President Trump, after his coronavirus diagnosis, saying she reserves her “sympathy, empathy, and despair for those who are sick and for those who have died because they were misled, lied to, or ignored.”

“Wear a fucking mask.#VOTE,” she added to her Friday tweet. Mary has been a fierce critic of her uncle, dishing dirt on her famous family in a tell-all memoir and suing the president and his siblings for alleged fraud.

She suggested last month that he should face criminal charges for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 200,000 people in the U.S. “If you have it in your power to save somebody’s life but stand by and do nothing, isn’t that negligent homicide or something like that?” she said.

“If you are actively withholding personal protective equipment from a state because a governor isn’t nice enough to you and people end up dying, how is that not a crime?”