Brits rush to get back to UK after Turkey and Poland added to travel ban list.

Brits are scrambling to get back to the UK from Turkey and Poland before quarantine restrictions come into force.

From 4am tomorrow morning everyone travelling home from the two countries will be required to isolate for two weeks.

After Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced the travel ban yesterday hundreds of Brits were forced to decide whether to stay abroad and face quarantine or fork out for expensive flights back to the UK.

Many are fearful of losing their jobs or income if they have to quarantine for two weeks when they get home.
She is concerned that she will lose income and clients if she has to stay home for a fortnight.

On Twitter she wrote: “Why’d I come turkey just to quarantine? I need a flight home now before Saturday.”

Chloe is booked on a flight next Saturday which she has decided to keep because she wants to avoid the rush of Brits booking spaces on planes today.

Another disgruntled holidaymaker detailed the financial hit their family members were going to take to avoid being quarantined.

“Absolutely ridiculous my mum, step dad and sister went to turkey on Tuesday and then the government decide to announce that you have to be back in the country before 4 tomorrow morning or you have to quarantine for 2 weeks,” she wrote on Twitter.

Chloe Brammah is a freelance beauty technician who is currently in Turkey.
“Flights are now £1,000+ for them all to get back before tomorrow.

“(The government) shouldn’t have let people fly out when they knew this was going to happen.”

Another user added: “Turkey added to quarantine list. That two week isolation on return will smack my finances differently.”

On the other end of the soon to be demolished airbridge are Brits who are due to fly out to Turkey.

One man tweeted at Jet2: “I booked to go to Turkey with you on week Saturday.

“Now Turkey has been put on the quarantine list! Your phone lines are just ringing.