The Dangers Of Investing In Shipping Sherlock.

Shopping Sherlock is a MultiLevel Marketing(MLM) company operating in the deals niche market. Basically, it is a cheap deals search engine that helps subscribers access a wide range of products at their cheapest prices. That is, Shopping Sherlock links subscribers to the cheapest available deals on any kind of product.

Albeit its dynamic business offering, Shopping Sherlock raises concerns. The skepticism that comes with MLM companies put aside, the main issue with Shopping Sherlock stems from the perceived inability of inexperienced affiliates to really earn. No! Shipping Sherlock is not a scam. It bears a striking similarity to Pyramid/ Ponzi schemes though, technically speaking.

Shipping Sherlock offers paid subscription to a deals search engine. This feature gives off marketing Shipping Sherlock as difficult given that the deals market is already saturated and that there are other companies who are offering Shipping Sherlock’s services for free. This makes affiliate recruitment a hard task.

Affiliate recruitment is central to success at Shipping Sherlock. To earn much, an affiliate has to keep recruiting affiliates which is difficult given the growing dissent against MLM companies, the clogged niche market Shipping Sherlock operates in, and its high sales quota requirements.

Apart from the difficulty in “selling a Sherlock system”, that is, bringing in new people to subscribe to and use Sherlock to get cheap deals, there is no kind of training offered to new affiliates. Investors are left to navigate the waters alone. Apart from the information given to affiliates by their uplines (investors directly recruiting them), and the once-in-a-blue-moon webinars, there is no real training for investors even after they have paid the subscription fee. Individuals who are just finding their feet in direct selling might be hard done.

Shipping Sherlock runs on the binary compensation plan. This model places an affiliate atop a binary team of personally recruited affiliates. The binary tree of uplines and affiliates stretches down a potentially infinite number of levels.

Essentially, there are 9 ways to earn at Shipping Sherlock: usage income, 20% override of usage income, fast start bonus, team builder bonus, global check match, diamond global check match, equity program, sales cycle bonus, and subscription cycle bonus.

Simply put, investors are paid to subscribe and use( subscription cycle bonus, fast start bonus, usage income) and to convince others to do the same( team builder bonus, global check match, Diamond global check match, equity program,and sales cycle bonus). There is clearly a lot of emphasis on affiliate recruitment – a Ponzi scheme trait.

Shipping Sherlock would definitely not crash should affiliate membership stall but affiliates earning would be grossly affected. It is a difficult task to convince people to join an MLM company already. Sherlock’s high sales quota and the slim chances it provides for high earnings makes it all worse. Shipping Sherlock might not be a good means of passive income in the long run.